Monday 20 October 2008

Umbraco - Free CMS

I just found on the internet Umbraco. This is a free CMS system and it looks great. The current release is version 3.0.6. I saw a screenshot of it, and that looks really great!
Check it out at:

Unfortunately, the back-end database is a SQL Server variant. To use it with MySQL or a database you like, you should wait untill release 4, which will be the next release. They expect a final release of version 4 at the end of this year. That's why I have to wait until then.
For the time being, I just play around with version 3.0.6 on a virtual pc (currently trying to install the whole stuff).

I am really looking forward to use this product. To get an indication of the quality, peugeot company, Heinz and even Microsoft (MS Developer Network in Denmark) are using this platform.


shruti Kanda (Verma) said...

Are you familiar with iphoneaptpage packagae of umbraco? if yes I am having issue : macros are not showing up on iphone.aspx.

Please advice

Rob said...

Hi, sorry, I am not familiar with it. Did you try to post your question on the umbraco forum (

Josh Swenson said...

A free cms system? wow that is awesome!

Hemant Mahajan said...

Umbraco development is one of the best services for ASP CMS. Nice one!!!

Rob said...

@Hemant: Indeed, it's a really nice CMS, specially the latest version(s) where you can use the razor syntax.