Monday, 2 May 2011

iMac 27" internal speakers stopped working

Since two weeks, I have an iMac 27" (i5, 2,8GHz) at home. A really nice and beautifull machine for my photography and video hobby.
However, last weekend the internal speakers stopped working. Sometimes it worked after a reboot for about 5 minutes max, mostly less.
I searched around on the internet, but all kind of suggested tricks didn't work (like reset PRAM, plug and unplug a headphone, starting GarageBand and so on.
Today I contacted the apple support and they gave me the following trick to try. I share it with you, because this one I didn't found on the internet.
  1. Shutdown the computer
  2. Unplug the powercable
  3. Keep the powerbutton pressed for 30 seconds. This will reset the SMC. This will in no way affect your data/installation. See also (
  4. Plug in the powercable
  5. Start your iMac and here you are, all things are fine again (till now at least :) )
So, all credits to the Apple Helpdesk!
Edit: I just found this solution somewhere on the apple site. However, I didn't find it relating to my problem (I didn't search that well I suppose).


Damon said...

Thanks for your post... this helped me out... I was getting progressively irritated by this issue... I hope this works forever... Once and for all.

Rob said...

I've had some minor problems with the internal speakers later. But I seems that is has something to do with running live stream video in silverlight (in that situations I'll get sometimes this problem). However, I've never have to repeat the steps I described in this post. Good luck with you iMac!

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