Thursday 23 October 2008

BGInfo: A useful tool to show system properties on desktop

Confused which system you are looking at when working with e.g. a switch box? At least, I'm sometimes. I was looking for a solution to get at the desktop of a server, a brief information about the system properties (e.g. the name).
Lucky me, I found one: BgInfo. Using this utility, it will generate a desktop image with that information you want to see.

I my situation, I will put a shortcut in the startup to run this tool once, so I will see the system information on the desktop after I login. And it doesn't affect the system performance, because it run once, it generates a desktop image and that's it

Shortcut at startup:
C:\SysInternals\BGInfo\Bginfo.exe General.bgi /TIMER:0

The General.bgi file is a configuration file you can download here.
You can edit this file to your specific needs. Check the site where you can download this little utility for more information.

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