Monday, 18 July 2016

Tilde key not working in VMware fusion


Today I ran into a small but frustrating problem. The tilde key (~) didn’t work on my VMware fusion machine.


I run Windows 10 in VMware fusion on a Macbook Pro. I searched a bit around the internet but didn’t find the right solution. By the way, my keyboard layout is US, so the ‘~’ key should be on the key just left from the ‘1’.
Some trial and error with keyboard combination with CTRL, ALT, Winkey etc didn’t work out. Strangely enough, I got it to work on the command prompt by pressing SHIFT+ALT+`, but that didn’t work on e.g. Notepad++ and Visual Studio.


I found out that you can fix that in the settings of the VM itself. You don’t need to shutdown you VM. Just do the following:

  • Open the Settings of you VM
  • Click on ‘Keyboard & Mouse’
  • Just under the list of Profiles, you will see a gear wheel button which you can expand.
  • Click in the gear wheel popup menu on the option ‘Edit profile’
  • In the popup window, click on the tab ‘Key Mapping’ and unselect the option ‘Enable Language Specific Key Mappings’. This will do the trick (a least for me).
  • Close all settings windows, return to your (running) VM and voila, the ‘~’ will work back again.

I assume that this will work on other Windows versions on VM's as well. Just give it a try.

Happy programming!


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