Friday 15 June 2012

IE9 and SharePoint 2010: Memory Leak!

Today, I ran into a really stupid issue. It seems that IE9 has a memory leak when using SharePoint 2010. On each refresh of a SharePoint 2010 page, the amount of used RAM is increasing by approx. 5 MB.
I found a lot of talking about it, but no solution yet.
Seems that Microsoft doesn't work on that, well at least don't let know us.
By the way, I am running Win7 x64.
Absolutely stupid. You cannot expect end-users to restart their IE9 browser a couple of times during the day. Even more ridiculous is the fact that IE8 doesn't have that issue.

Possible solution: deactivation of the ActiveX NameCtrl. Let's try that, or use another browser.


Unknown said...

This is fixed in the CU of JULY 2012;EN-US;2598373

Rob said...

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your comment! I'll have a look on this.