Thursday 9 July 2009

Speed up Outlook 2007

Are you also irritated about the bad performance of Outlook 2007? Read this out.
When you are using Outlook 2007 (this is the version I am talking about), you have the option to use cache mode (previous version 2003 also). This can be helpful when you are working on e.g. a laptop. With this feature you can have you e-mail messages off-line with you.
So caching is fine, but it really slow down your Outlook performance (even your entire laptop as it seems). Switching off the cache mode (restart your Outlook) dramatically improve your Outlook performance. The startup time is much less and also, which is really unbelievable, the search option is amazingly fast. You use the search and indexing stuff of Exchange (in our case Exchange 2007) which is really fast.
We actually don't really need the off-line functionality, because Outlook Web Access 2007 is also a really good application to work with. So, if we have somewhere internet access, we can use OWA 2007 instead.

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