Friday 25 February 2011

Productivity Power Tools

Recently I found the Productivity Power Tools of Microsoft for Visual Studio. The extra functionality you get is very useful:
  • Find extension
  • Enhanced Scrollbar
  • Middle-Click Scrolling
  • Organize Import for VB.NET
  • Add Reference Support for Multi-Targeting
  • Options in HTML Cut/Copy
  • Solution Navigator (an enhanced Solution Explorer)
  • Tab Well UI
  • Searchable Add Reference Dialog
  • Tools Options Support
  • Quick Access (search for and execute common tasks within VS IDE)
  • Auto Brace Completion (Supports the following constructs: (), {}, [], <>, “”, and ‘’. This is really useful!)
  • Highlight current line
  • HTML Copy
  • Triple Click
  • Fix Mixed Tabs
  • CTRL+Click Go to definition
  • Align Assignments
  • Move Line Up/Down commands
  • Column Guides
  • Colorized Parameter Help
So, it's quit a list and beside of this, it's FREE!. See the web site (above) of these tools to get more information and to download these tools.

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