Wednesday 4 March 2009

Windows Live Writer 2009 still sucks…

My previous experience with Windows Live Writer (beta) were not that good. It made a mess of tags. For example, it didn’t create new <p></p> when I started a new paragraph, but it did a kind of encapsulation like: <p><p>…</p></p>. So it messed the layout to much, showed to much white space and so on. So I actually didn’t like it.

Now this post is written from Windows Live Writer 2009, but it still sucks. It does still the strange things like I mentioned above.When I press enter (to start a new paragraph) it doesn’t show a new paragraph, but it encapsulate the whole text with another <p></p>.

Well, at least with my version of Blogger, it won’t work that well. It looks like a hard job to create a normal blog editor :(

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